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Lodge Deira No. 329, Driffield, held a very moving Installation Ceremony. W Bro Anne Wood installed Bro Maureen Bristow into the Chair of King Solomon. W Bro Bristow was the Candidate when W Bro Wood was in the Chair in a previous year and she was also the first 'Brother' to be installed in Deira for 11 years. The new WM had an emotional moment when she invested her sister, Bro Janet Edmond as Inner Guard but there was a bigger surprise to come..... W Bro Grace Cartwright PDGSuptWks, who will be 100 in September, and is mainly housebound, was brought to the Lodge by her daughter, donned her regalia and, as the senior Past Master of the Lodge, made an entrance to present the Charity Sash to W Bro Wood. Everyone present was extremely moved and delighted to see W Bro Cartwright once again in the Lodge. 
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