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London W2 4EF 
With legs and friendships strengthened Lodge La Rama Prima No 355 from Los Boliches, Spain, have announced that after over 80 days of collectively walking and swimming 5,941 kilometres the Order of Women Freemasons’ Spanish brethren have 'virtually' arrived on the steps of the Order's Grand Lodge in London. 
Since leaving Los Boliches, Fuengirola, on 1st April 2021 to raise money for the Spanish charity ‘Adimi’ and the Order's Grand Lodge Charitable Trust twenty members of the Lodge have enjoyed walking through 3 countries, visiting 31 places of interest having taken detours and have waved out to 6 OWF Lodges as they passed by, 
The Master of the Lodge, W Bro Hird says: 
“The call to collectively walk the distance from the Lodge in Los Boliches, Fuengirola, Spain to Grand Lodge, London, was met with enthusiasm, trepidation, amazement and sheer determination! Walking over 500 kilometres every week since the start, we have surpassed expectations and enjoyed so much fun along the way. 
The bond of friendship has most certainly strengthened as we have travelled together, sharing the pain, the laughter and our stories. 
Creating a positive memory at a time when the world is in turmoil, adds to the joy of making a difference to the worthwhile charities our efforts will benefit. Thank you all….” 
Now, in view of the cancelled return flight due to ongoing COVID 19 restrictions, the ladies are tightening their boots once again to walk back to Los Boliches! 
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