Who's Who

MW Bro Zuzanka Penn was enthroned as the ninth Grand Master of the Order of Women Freemasons on October 16th 2012



MW The Grand Master

MW Bro Zuzanka Penn

Enthroned 2010 at the Quarterly Communications of Grand Lodge




Deputy Grand Master

RW Bro Margaret Masters

Grand Master's Grand Star, Care of the North East Region

Appointed 1995

  R.W. Bro. Monica Oktabcova 

The Assistant Grand Master

RW Bro Iris Monica Oktabcova

Past Deputy Grand Master, Grand Master's Grand Star

Appointed 2010



Regional Grand Inspectors


North West

RW Bro Beryl Daniels PAGM, Care of Cheshire

Appointed 2013


South East

RW Bro Joy Keitch Care of South London, West Kent and Surrey

Appointed 2013



RW Bro Marilyn Harwood Care of Midland Counties & North Wales

Appointed 2013 


South West

RW Bro Sybil Voysey Care of Southern Counties

Appointed 2013